Work price list

1. Sanding floor
Sanding hardwood floors with machine Künzl-Tasin with 98% dust extraction.

sanding floor150,- Kč / m2
sanding of painted floor200,- Kč / m2
anding, filling and varnishing
     (3 layers of paint)
od 350,- Kč / m2

2. Cementing parquet flooring
Cementing of new parquet flooring50,- Kč / m2
Cementing of old parquet flooring80,- Kč / m2

3. Strengthening of the parquet floor with mounting foam
Zpevnění montážní pěnou je vhodné pro podlahy které vržou! Parkety se tím zpevni cca o 80-90% Strengthening of the parquet floor with mounting foam – This is suitable for creaking floors! In this way parquets are solidified by 80-90% and stop moving (creaking). Then the cement from parquets does not crumble and paint does not crack We can also pick up slack and old ceiling by about 15cm. Consumption of the mounting foam we can’t estimate accurately mostly, it depends on range of hollows in the floor.The price for mounting foam
150,- Kč / ks

4. Floor painting
Painting of parquet flooring is made with non-slip eco paints Bona (Sweden) with a certificate of State Health Officer of the Czech Republic.
As another alternative of coating is a possibillity of application alkali-resin paint that solidifies against the creaking parquet and repels water.

primer Bona Gel,
paint Bona Spectra
     (Total 4 layers of paint)
150,- Kč / m2
primer Bona Gel,
paint Bona Tech Mega
     (Total 4 layers of paint)
200,- Kč / m2
primer Bona Gel,
paint Bona traffic
     (Total 4 layers of paint)
300,- Kč / m2
Alkali-resin paint,
from Thomsit company
     (Total 3 layers of paint)
< 200,- Kč / m2

5. Rails mounting
rails nailing40,- Kč / bm
rails bolting50,- Kč / bm
bordering rails as per your choice (material)50,- až 120,-
Kč / bm

6. Other works
polishing (meshing) wood floors50,- Kč / m2
extra work (reporting, sticking)250,- Kč / hod
delivery within Prague250,- Kč
delivery outside Prague6,- Kč / km

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